HAINES SURVEYS specialise in the acquisition of high quality gravity data using the latest GPS technology. The Company has been operating since 1991 and was one of the first to introduce GPS Surveying to the industry. Haines Surveys have completed gravity projects in all parts of Australia and several regions overseas including North America, Europe, West Africa and South East Asia.

Our clients are provided with a highly automated, reliable and economical gravity serviceusing in house developed processing software, the latest state-of-the-art Trimble GPS Receivers and Scintrex CG-5 Gravity Meters.

HAINES SURVEYS employs experienced field staff and qualified professionals in the acquisition, processing and analysis of your data.

100% Australian owned and operated

Complete Helicopter and Ground Gravity Surveys

Rapid Acquisition and Data Delivery

Unique Quality Control Methods

Environmentally Non-Intrusive

Specialist GPS Techniques



Local mapping coordinates and elevations attained

Gravity observations connected to Gravity Datum ( IGSN-71)

Bouguer Anomalies processed at various densities

Data and results sent via modem back to office from the field using high speed satellite communications.


Statistical analysis of GPS solutions and gravity observations

Position dilution of precision (PDOP) analysis of GPS solutions

Noise assessment of the Earth's Gravity Field prior to observations

Unique assessment of gravity repeat points from same / alternate base stations.

GEOSOFT SOFTWARE - used to produce:

line profiles

station location map

bouguer location map

bouguer contour map

bouguer image maps

residual image maps




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